Critics’ Choice for Best Drama

and Patrons’ Pick in the Red Venue

“Reincarnation Soup” had me feeling a bit like Oliver Twist, lifting my empty bowl and pleading, “Please sir, I want some more.” Viet Nguyen is enthralling and mesmerizing in his brilliantly crafted one-man show that is sure to stay on the minds of his audiences long after the curtain comes down.                                     -Lania Berger, Orlando Sentinel

Hello! Welcome to the website for Reincarnation Soup, a solo show about soup, Sàigòn, and recycled souls.

The title refers to the myth of Mạnh Bà, an old blind woman who guards the border between death and rebirth. Before allowing souls to move on to the next life, Mạnh Bà gives them a bowl of memory-erasing soup. The souls in this play reveal stories that are uniquely Vietnamese, ones that are both personal and mythical. These stories– these images, tastes, smells, sounds– have brewed in me for a long time. I hope to continue sharing them with audiences near and far.

To see me talking about myself in the third person, please visit the About page. To contact me for performances or workshops, check out the Booking page. For photos, check out– well, you get the idea. Just make sure to check the Simmerings section for updates.

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Photo by Miguel Naranjo Design by Brandon Lowe

Photo by Miguel Naranjo
Design by Brandon Lowe